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Cashhosters to LotsMoreHosting Update
All backend changes have been made.  Due dates have been set for June 1, 2009.  The first invoice will be
automatically generated 5 days before the due date.
If you don’t wish to continue your hosting, you don’t need to do anything.  3 overdue invoices will be
automatically sent out 3,6, and 9 days after the due date.  If the invoice isn’t paid or we don’t hear from you
by then, your hosting account will be terminated.
Free Members
For the most part, your package will remain the same and the cost for the hosting will be $24/year.  There
were some accounts that were extremely busy, going well beyond the bandwidth limit.  These accounts were
upgraded to the personal account which costs $5/month.
Upgraded Members/Admin Hosting Accounts
If you had the Option 1 package, your package was changed over to our old Personal package which is
identical in features.
The Option 2 account was changed over to our Basic package which is a better package than the Option 2
which is similarly priced.
The Option 3 package was changed to our Intermediate package which is also a better package and similarly
You may think that the new packages are higher than what you were paying through MPAM.  When we offered
the upgrades, they were based on the packages we had then.  The price was actually the same BUT MPAM was
paying for a portion of the hosting.  The prices we received were then actually the same for the comparable
packages we offered at LotsMoreHosting.
All upgraded/admin accounts were switched over to monthly billing.  If you prefer quarterly, semi-annual, or
annual billing (discounts are offered) then log in and enter a support ticket requesting a change.
Upgraded member’s due dates have been changed to reflect their last payment to MPAM, for those that we
have records for.  The ones that we couldn’t find any records for, were set to June 1, 2009.  Please log in and
check your due dates and if not correct, let us know.
Admin accounts were changed to a package that would support their current use.  If you weren’t using any
addon domains, using a lot of bandwidth, etc, we downgraded the package so you wouldn’t be paying more
than what you needed.
Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, please log in and let us know through the support ticket system. 
If you are having trouble logging in, fill out the contact form and we’ll assist you.
Chris Houg
Ex Cashhosters Admin